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linktrackr ReviewURL masking certainly isn't a new concept and the right Link Cloaker should be a part of any Internet Marketer’s online arsenal. However which application do you choose? There are after all an abundance of tools that can carry out the task, each to a varying degree. Some will offer basic URL masking whilst others offer more advanced features such as split testing and conversion tracking.

Certainly in my experience, where I've tried many of the big names in link cloaking. URL masking and tracking has never been easier since the launch of LinkTrackr. But what exactly does this software do and why would you need it?

A URL is of course a link which points to a domain name or to a specific page on your website. When you substitute LinkTrackr generated URLs for your own links, the software kicks in, enabling it to generate a whole deal of data which will help you analyse the activities of visitors who have used that link. Each click on the link will give you highly useful information which you can then use to make your online marketing efforts more results oriented. If you’re an internet marketer, you’ll find URL masking to be an indispensable tool.

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Not Just Another Link Cloaker… 

LinkTrackr isn't just another Link Cloaker, it's also a very effective piece of affiliate tracking software. Affiliate tracking is one of those elements that highlights the difference between a successful internet marketer and a not-so-successful one. Simply because you need to know who or what is your heaviest income generator. That way, you can direct more of your time and effort into making that source more profitable. If you don’t have this information, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity that’s sitting there right under your nose. LinkTracker affiliate tracking software uses TID (Tracking ID), pixel tracking, and postback / callback URL tracking to keep a tab on conversions.

Now here’s the other thing with internet marketing. It’s been bantered around the forums for a very long time that you could lose commission that is due to you because another affiliate marketer has substituted his own affiliate ID for yours. Whilst it’s never happened to me, it certainly seems feasible that such people could steal your commissions. But there’s good news. You can prevent this type of theft from happening by using the affiliate link cloaker facility in LinkTrackr. Sounds complicated? Well one of the most amazing aspects of using this link cloaker is that you don’t have to have any particular technical skills or programming knowledge. You can set up the entire link cloaking functionality through an easy-to-use web interface.

But regardless of whether or not you’re worried about affiliate hijacking, the fact remains that it’s always wiser to have professional looking branded tracking links, rather than suspicious looking, unnatural affiliate links that your potential customers won’t like nor want to click. Instead LinkTrackr facilitates full control over your branding through its link tracking functionality by giving you the flexibility of having a whole clutch of customized, branded domain names.

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What’s In the Box?

Every LinkTrackr review I've read really emphasises one basic aspect of the software – there are no complications. Instead its web based link tracking software that is totally out of the box in just a few minutes. However once it’s out of the box what exactly do you get?

Certainly with LinkTrackr you can expect:

  • Full Link cloaking and link tracking functionality to help you analyse the most profitable campaigns that you are running. It also prevents your legitimate income from being syphoned off by other unscrupulous affiliate marketers.
  • LinkTrackr automatically generates a weekly email report indicating the top 10 links of the week, and also gives you an overview of all your marketing initiatives, identifying the most profitable campaigns.
  • The A/B split testing tools helps you get better conversions, and optimizes your landing pages. Simply put, LinkTrackr will assist you in generating more income with minimum incremental effort from your end.
  • With LinkTrackr pixel tracking and postback URL tracking, you can monitor your own revenue, and will not have to rely on the data that your affiliate network gives you. Therefore, you can keep track of your earnings. URL masking is another powerful feature of this software.
  • Other features of the LinkTrackr software are that it can take keywords and create links to WordPress blogs; attract viral traffic from social media sites that will not cost you anything; and allow you to maintain superior branding by allowing creation of unlimited domain names.

The LinkTrackr software is completely web based and is very easy to set up and use. The main benefit of this means there’s no messing around installing scripts on your server. It can also be accessed from any computer with an internet connection from anywhere in the world, at any time. Billing is on a subscription basis, so you pay as per your usage, and you have the freedom to cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time. And to top it off, LinkTrackr gives you a 30-day money back Guarantee with no questions asked.

The pricing and the plans are very attractive and will suit any requirement. There is a starting pack priced at $9 per month, and the top of the line Xtreme gives you unlimited tracking links and unlimited clicks per month at $69 per month. In between, there are the Hyper Complete Value Pack at $39 per month and the Pro Popular Choice Pack at $19 per month.

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The Verdict

Link Cloaker


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