Q. So what exactly is ‘Paul Graham’s I.M. Products Reviewed' and what can you do for me?

A. If you’re an Internet Marketer or have an online business then choosing the right Product or Resource can be a minefield. It can also be an expensive mistake if you get it wrong! I'm here to help you make an informed decision about your potential purchase before you buy. For more information check out my Review Guide Just here.

Q. What’s so different about your reviews compared to the hundreds of other product reviews I've come across?

A. Unfortunately most review sites for individual I.M products have been crafted for the sole purpose of making money and not for the purpose of giving you a well-balanced overview of the product. At Paul Graham’s I.M. Products Reviewed I'm here to help you make an informed decision that I believe goes way beyond simply lining my own pockets.

Q. Who are you exactly?

A. You can find out exactly who I am right here.

Q. Is your Free Subscription really free or will I have to pay something at some point?

A. Unlike many other Subscription Services my Subscription is 100% Free with nothing to pay now or later.

Q. So how do you make money? 

A. I make money through affiliate programmes, links to products I genuinely recommend, as well as my own Services and digital information products. What I don’t do is recommend any old rubbish just to make a quick buck. Instead I only recommend reputable products that I either use, have tested, or come with a stamp of approval from a careful selection of trusted user sources that I also believe will benefit you and your online business.

Q. How do I claim my 20 Top titles?

A. Easy, when you've finalised your purchase using my affiliate link, just email a copy of your receipt to [email protected] and I’ll send you a download link.

Q. How long does it take to receive my 20 Top titles?

A. All download links are sent within 24 hours of receiving a copy of your receipt.

Q. I’d like to sell or give the Top 20 Titles away to my customers. Can I do this?

A. Yes, my Top 20 Titles are also available with Standard Resale and Rebranding rights. A separate link is also available upon request (due to the size of the download) for the re-brandable version e-books.

Q. How do I claim my free Clicks?

A. When you’ve finalised your purchase through my affiliate link, just email me at [email protected] with a copy of your receipt and I’ll send you a short form to fill out.

Q. How quickly will my clicks be completed?

A. I send all clicks, usually within a 24-48 hour period.

Q. When will I know that all my clicks have been completed?

A. When I’ve completed your clicks I’ll send you a full and detailed report.

Q. What kind of clicks do I get?

A. All clicks are around 85-95% tier 1 (USA, UK, NZ, AU, IR, CA)

Q. How do I know these Clicks aren’t just cheap rubbish?

A. These are the same clicks I send day in, day out to all my clients. You can read their testimonials right here at SmarterSoloAds.com

Q. Is it possible to ‘buy’ more clicks?

A. Yes, The regular cost is $64.00 for 100 Clicks. I also provide larger packages and discounts if your requirements far exceed this. For more information visit: SmarterSoloAds.com

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